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Basketball is a sport with huge popularity in North America, but with a wide fan base also in Europe, Asia and Southern Hemisphere. The predictions are published one day in advance of the match date so interested punters have enough time to check our tips and game stats before making a decision. We cover major basketball leagues in Americas and Europe, with each prediction coming with a game preview and Head2Head data to understand past performances. Our basketball predictions are based on different statistics like team form, league position, past head-to-head results, with all of the data considered in a computerised algorithm which improves as more games are played by each team. Using this algorithm, the system publishes the most probable outcome, the basketball prediction.

Among the basketball leagues covered in this section are NBA, LNB, Euroleague, BBL. Just click on the competition links and you can view the full list of predictions for entire competition, with current round of games and past basketball tips.

Check below latest basketball predictions published:

Breogan vs Valencia

Breogan vs ValenciaBreoganValencia

🏀 2023-05-24 - ACB


Baskonia vs Basquet Girona

Baskonia vs Basquet GironaBaskoniaBasquet Girona

🏀 2023-05-24 - ACB


Real Betis vs Real Madrid

Real Betis vs Real MadridReal BetisReal Madrid

🏀 2023-05-24 - ACB


Murcia vs Barcelona

Murcia vs BarcelonaMurciaBarcelona

🏀 2023-05-24 - ACB


Joventut Badalona vs Granada

Joventut Badalona vs GranadaJoventut BadalonaGranada

🏀 2023-05-24 - ACB


Gran Canaria vs Manresa

Gran Canaria vs ManresaGran CanariaManresa

🏀 2023-05-24 - ACB


Unicaja vs Bilbao

Unicaja vs BilbaoUnicajaBilbao

🏀 2023-05-23 - ACB


Basket Zaragoza vs Tenerife

Basket Zaragoza vs TenerifeBasket ZaragozaTenerife

🏀 2023-05-23 - ACB


Fuenlabrada vs Obradoiro CAB

Fuenlabrada vs Obradoiro CABFuenlabradaObradoiro CAB

🏀 2023-05-23 - ACB


Unicaja vs Tenerife

Unicaja vs TenerifeUnicajaTenerife

🏀 2023-05-21 - ACB


Pau-Orthez vs Cholet

Pau-Orthez vs CholetPau-OrthezCholet

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Roanne vs Strasbourg

Roanne vs StrasbourgRoanneStrasbourg

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Boulogne-Levallois vs Paris

Boulogne-Levallois vs ParisBoulogne-LevalloisParis

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Le Portel vs Dijon

Le Portel vs DijonLe PortelDijon

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Le Mans vs Nanterre

Le Mans vs NanterreLe MansNanterre

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


JL Bourg vs Lyon-Villeurbanne

JL Bourg vs Lyon-VilleurbanneJL BourgLyon-Villeurbanne

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Gravelines-Dunkerque vs Nancy

Gravelines-Dunkerque vs NancyGravelines-DunkerqueNancy

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Fos-sur-Mer vs Limoges

Fos-sur-Mer vs LimogesFos-sur-MerLimoges

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Ada Blois vs Monaco

Ada Blois vs MonacoAda BloisMonaco

🏀 2023-05-16 - LNB


Fuenlabrada vs Valencia

Fuenlabrada vs ValenciaFuenlabradaValencia

🏀 2023-05-14 - ACB


Baskonia vs Barcelona

Baskonia vs BarcelonaBaskoniaBarcelona

🏀 2023-05-14 - ACB


Joventut Badalona vs Obradoiro CAB

Joventut Badalona vs Obradoiro CABJoventut BadalonaObradoiro CAB

🏀 2023-05-14 - ACB


Gran Canaria vs Real Madrid

Gran Canaria vs Real MadridGran CanariaReal Madrid

🏀 2023-05-14 - ACB


Breogan vs Manresa

Breogan vs ManresaBreoganManresa

🏀 2023-05-14 - ACB


Murcia vs Bilbao

Murcia vs BilbaoMurciaBilbao

🏀 2023-05-14 - ACB


Real Betis vs Granada

Real Betis vs GranadaReal BetisGranada

🏀 2023-05-13 - ACB


Basket Zaragoza vs Basquet Girona

Basket Zaragoza vs Basquet GironaBasket ZaragozaBasquet Girona

🏀 2023-05-13 - ACB


Cholet vs Boulogne-Levallois

Cholet vs Boulogne-LevalloisCholetBoulogne-Levallois

🏀 2023-05-12 - LNB


Valencia vs Real Madrid

Valencia vs Real MadridValenciaReal Madrid

🏀 2023-05-12 - ACB


Monaco vs Le Mans

Monaco vs Le MansMonacoLe Mans

🏀 2023-05-12 - LNB


Above basketball predictions are for the Home/Away market (12) which selects the winning team of the game. All betting tips are available free of charge, with no payment requested to check our predictions. Because all game predictions are available one day in advance, all interested users have the time check our data and even register a customer account with any of our recommended online bookmakers.

For the most up-to-date basketball stats and predictions, feel free to look through the many games listed on our website. Predictions do not guarantee a result and should only be used as a guideline. You must understand the risks associated with betting on sports and how your stake could be lost. Bet responsible! 18+