Guess on Champions League

Blow us away with your Champions League predictions and score a €10 risk free bet on the Europa League every time you get it right. We’ll have two questions for every Champions League week until Dec 7, meaning two chances for risk free bets.


  • Submit your guess for free before the match in question, along with your registered email at Betsson.
  • Guess right and get a €10 risk free bet on any Europa League match on Thursday that week.

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Get the most questions right at the end of the competition to win additional cash prizes up to €3,000 and risk free bets up to €50. Check out our prize table for full prize information and make sure you race to the top for a great finish.

For your answer to count, you must submit it before the match in question starts. All answers submitted after the related event has started are disqualified from the competition. Players are not permitted to submit multiple guesses to the same question. If multiple answers are registered, only the one submitted first will count in the competition. All the answers are based on the official competition’s statistics. If a question has more than one correct answers (same amount of statistics), then all these answers will be credited with a risk free bet.



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