Preview: Clermont vs Le Havre – A Critical Battle in Ligue 1


The French Ligue 1 is set to witness an intriguing encounter as Clermont is scheduled to lock horns with Le Havre on March 17, 2024. Both teams, having navigated through varying fortunes in their recent outings, will be eager to secure a victory in this match-up. This article offers a preview of what to expect from this fixture, alongside match predictions based on their past performances and head-to-head records.

Recent Form

Clermont’s Performance Analysis

In their last five league matches, Clermont’s journey has been less than ideal. The team suffered a significant defeat against Olympique Marseille with a scoreline of 1-5. This was followed by draws against Brest and Strasbourg, and defeats at the hands of Stade Rennes and Strasbourg again, showcasing a challenging period for the team. Their inability to secure wins in these matches highlights areas of concern that they need to address ahead of the upcoming game.

Le Havre’s Recent Outcomes

On the other side, Le Havre’s performance in their previous five fixtures mirrors challenges similar to those of Clermont. The team encountered losses against Brest, Lille, and Strasbourg. However, they managed to hold Monaco to a draw and experienced a high-scoring draw against Lorient. These outcomes reflect a degree of unpredictability and resilience that could play in their favor against Clermont.

Head to Head Comparison

Analyzing the head-to-head results between Clermont and Le Havre in their recent meetings offers insights into their competitive edge. Notably, the biggest victory margins have been decisive, with Clermont securing a 3-0 win over Le Havre in October 2017, and Le Havre responding with a 3-1 triumph in October 2016. Such results suggest that when these two teams meet, the potential for a clear-cut outcome exists, though it swings both ways.

Match Predictions

Considering the recent form of both teams and historical match outcomes, predicting the result of this match is challenging. Clermont, despite their struggles, has shown they can hold their own, especially reflected in their previous encounters with Le Havre. On the other hand, Le Havre’s resilience, particularly in drawing against tougher opponents, indicates they are not to be underestimated.

The key battle will likely be in the midfield, with control of the game’s pace playing a pivotal role in determining the victor. Both teams have exhibited vulnerabilities in their defensive setups, which could lead to a match rich in goal-scoring opportunities.

Given Clermont’s historical advantage and the nature of their defeats, which suggest potential for improvement, they might hold a slight edge going into this fixture. Additionally, playing at home could provide them with the required boost to turn their fortunes around. However, Le Havre’s unpredictable form means they cannot be written off, and they are more than capable of exploiting any gaps in Clermont’s defense.


The upcoming match between Clermont and Le Havre promises to be an engaging contest with implications for both teams’ standings in Ligue 1. While Clermont might seem to have the upper hand based on past victories, Le Havre’s capacity to surprise should not be overlooked. Fans can anticipate a competitive match possibly filled with goals and moments of brilliance as both teams strive for supremacy. This match serves as a critical point in their seasons, potentially shaping their paths moving forward.

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